People like doing business with people they know, like, and trust. Do you?

Are you tired of impersonal and non-responsive vendors who do not address your needs?

Are your potential savings affected by the aggressive or confrontational style of others in the industry?

Are your vendors leaving reconsiderations and unsettled claims in their wake?

Are you tired of thinking, or worse, knowing that your vendor is leaving your company’s money on the table with your medical bills?

If this is you, then Advanced Claims Review Specialists (ACRS) is the company for you!

Why Advanced Claims Review Specialists?

At ACRS we stand on our simple principles and truths:


In ten years ACRS has never had a single reconsideration on any of our bill negotiations.


Our credentialed nurse negotiators rely on their expertise and experience to:

  • Uncover errors missed in the bill review process
  • Decipher coding strategies that providers use to inflate billed charges
  • Develop medical and legal strategies to support additional reductions
  • Pick up the phone and call a physician provider, facility or hospital, and engage in collegial, non-confrontational, clinical dialogue. We have a conversation that simultaneously respects the person on the other end of the line and the job to which he or she is charged while offering sound medical reasoning to obtain further bill reductions.
  • Obtain a simple signed and binding financial agreement from service providers.
  • Build relationships over time with service providers yielding further cost savings for our clients.
Image of money and a stethoscope

We believe in the simple premise that people do business with people they trust. It is the principal belief that ACRS was built upon from the initial hello to a sincere thank you at the close of a referral.